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haute densité's Journal

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5th April 2006

1:29am: well i never ever use this.
its stupid having two livejournals.
its not friends only.
but come add me anyway.

20th March 2006

11:16am: man i miss weblogging everything.
i dont know why i dont do it all the time.
myspace is a bitch, i think thats why.

things have been weird recently.
having feelings for someone i know i cannot possibly ever have. ever.
its like falling hard for someone famous.
shame shame shame.
meanwhile, i feel like im being attacked by guys i dont like...
i went to see help she cant swim at the weekend i fucking love that bandx

12th December 2005

12:15am: Image hosted by TinyPic.com
Kate also says to message me before adding me, if you don't mind x
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